Burnout Paradise hits the PSN… no disc required

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Burnout Paradise

The console gaming company that said digital distribution was not the way of the future has just become the first to offer a previously full retail title* as a download only.

As of Thursday you will be able to download the entire Burnout Paradise game directly from the PSN. The game is priced at exactly the same price as the retail copy which means that for us it’s going to be a couple of hundred bucks more thanks to Telkom.

I think digital distribution is the way of the future and I am interested to see how many people will actually pick this game up.

No details yet on the size of the download but I am guessing it will clock in at around 5 Gig’s? (under a standard DVD)

Source: Joystiq

*Yeah that’s a pretty sweeping statement and isn’t entirely true but you get the drift.

Last Updated: September 23, 2008

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