Burnout Paradise – PS3 Prettier but 360 rumbles

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Burnout Paradise the much anticipated game from EA has hit the marketplace and PSN.. well a demo at least.

Gamepro.com has downloaded them both and has come to the fantastic conclusion of

  The PS3 version looks shinier. The Xbox 360 version has rumble.

Now I wonder if it rumbles for the PS3 if you have the rumbling SIXAXIS? I have said for ages that you cannot have racing games without rumble and force feedback and I haven’t changed my mind yet.

I am seriously looking forward to this game come 25th January. I have fond memories of this series.

Burnout Paradise demo rolls onto Xbox 360, PS3 | Xbox 360 News | GamePro.com

Last Updated: December 14, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • J4NR1K

    Played the demo a bit this morning.. and wow! this is going to be a fun game!

  • Fred

    Apparently it rumbles on ps3 – if you using the dualshock3

  • doobiwan

    i downloaded the demo last night, I can’t wait to play it this evening.

  • Milesh Bhana

    mine is still on it’s way. I’m sure it would have rumble if you have the new dual shock. Burnout Revenge was one of the games that released a patch for the dual shock 3 when it came out. There’s no way Criterion is dropping the ball on that one.

    hmm..when i left home this morning the demo was only on 10%.

  • doobiwan

    Well I’ve just checked out the gamersyde PS3vs360 video and I can agree with the comment. It’s definitely “shinier”. By that, literally it’s lighter in colour tone that’s about it, it’s otherwise identical.

  • doobiwan

    I’ve been playing it a bit today, the problem is there’s no brightness control which, to quote Jeff Minter “you are: little bit sh!t”.

    I really hope they put one in the final game. Besides that, hmm, I didn’t really get time to soak it in, my juries out on whether the whole open world thing works. I loved Revenge, but having to memorize a whole city seems a bit much if you just like to pick up and play. The demo area is already big enough!

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