Burnout Paradise requires a HDD for online play

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Burnout: Paradise City

Well this just goes to show that no one really reads the back of the game boxes…

Criterion Games has released an official comment on the rumour that Xbox 360 Core/Arcade members could not actually play Burnout: Paradise City online as it requires a hard drive for this ability. Obviously everyone rightly gets upset but if you actually take a look at the box it says in plane site.

online multiplayer 2-8/hard drive required

Granted it took me about 5 minutes to notice they had altered one of the normal feature boxes on the back to include this but it is there.

This is once again another reason to prove that Microsoft should never have released a non HDD enabled version, I just don’t get the logic. Either way this is not something that can be patched so if you play online and don’t have a hard drive then Burnout is not the game for you. However I highly doubt there are many people who play online and don’t have a hard drive.

This affects the PS3 version as well but since every PS3 has a hard drive then obviously cares….

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Last Updated: February 5, 2008

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