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But have you heard the DmC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack?

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We don’t often do posts on game soundtracks, but I just had to, HAD TO do one about the DmC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack. Why? Because it’s the most amazing eargasm you’ll have for a while.

It’s the perfect blend of Metal and Electro, with just a dash of Dubstep. Games don’t often cater for a variety of music tastes, but these guys just got it right. I know I had to spend some time looking for the track listings and artists on the interwebs, as I’ve see there have lots of other gamers searching for it too. So I decided I’ll put them here for those of you still looking.

The first half of the soundtrack (01 – 07) consists of tracks composed by Noisia:

01) Bob Barbas Fight 
02) Devil’s Dalliance 
03) Hunter 
04) Lilith Fight 
05) Mundus Fight 
06) Succubus Fight 
07) The Trade 

The second half (08 – 15), being the work of Combichrist

08) Sequential One 
09) Clouds Of War 
10) No Redemption 
11) Media Riot 
12) Pull The Pin 
13) How Old Is Your Soul? 
14) Zombie Fistfight 
15) Buried Alive 

If you like the music in this game, you can buy it!

There are some great Combichrist bundles, which you can order from their website, including the game, T-Shirts and the album they made for the game, with about 23 tracks on it.

You can also get Noisia’s complete album made for DmC and some merchandise on their website.

Combichrist bundle

Last Updated: January 29, 2013

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