Out of all the video games to use World War II as a backdrop to provide visceral action, Medal of Honor may be the one series that has done so while being incredibly respectful to the troops who kept the menace of Nazism at bay and pushed back against the Third Reich’s war machine. While games from the series have been few and far between in recent memory, Medal of Honor is making a comeback at long last, this time as a VR game from Respawn Entertainment.

Going for a virtual reality approach with one of the biggest names in action games doesn’t just provide a more pulse-pounding experience, it throws you right into the thick of the greatest war of the 20th century. It’s a story based on real history and battlefields that you won’t just see but you’ll hear it as well.

And thanks to its score, chances are you’ll understand just how monumental this global conflict was. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond features a score from Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA award-winner Michael Giacchino (Up, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Nami Melumad, whose musical credits include work on Absentia, Miss Arizona, and Passage amongst many many other projects.

Here’s a taste of what the score sounds like!

And if you like, then good news: There’s going to be a lot of music to listen to in the new Medal of Honor game:

If you like the track, it’ll be released as a single on November 20 that you can buy right here. The full album for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be released digitally on December 11, alongside the full game on Oculus platforms. For that collection, you can also drop into this link if you’re in the mood for wartime tunes.

Last Updated: November 20, 2020

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