Buuyakasha, more characters have been revealed for the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster

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Gohan (1)

Listen, you can stick a Kamehameha where the Spirit Bomb don’t shine, because there are other characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ that I actually want to play as. While the roster already includes obvious fan favourites such as Android 18, Picollo and Majin Buu, the cast is about to get even better. Which is fantastic news for Yamcha, because people must be tired of using him to warm their back of their hands by now.

According to Weekly Jump via Gematsu, Dragon Ball FighterZ will add Gotenks, Adult Gohan and Kid Buu to the mix. Gotenks, the fusion of Goten and Trunks, will be able to launch the “Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball” as his ultimate attack while Kid Buu gets the more devastating and simple “Planet Burst” attack. Pretty much an extinction-level event, fired from the palms of his pink hands.

Gohan can unleash an “Ultimate Kamehameha”, as well dig deep into his untapped power by consuming his Ki gauge to activate “Unlock Potential”. Ballin’. Out of the new trio, Gohan has probably had the most development so far in terms of a power-up that can stand toe to toe with his father’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

In Dragon Ball Z’s Gohan’s ultimate potential allowed him to easily overpower Evil Buu, and even allow him to remain evenly matched when the antagonist had added Gotenk’s impressive Super Saiyan 3 power to his own. In the years leading up to Dragon Ball Super however, Gohan’s power was drastically reduced and he found himself thoroughly outclassed (and pummelled!) by new adversaries.

That lack of growth led Gohan to once again seek power, this time training for a couple of months and regaining his Mystic Form. It’s weird, I know and I still can’t make heads or tails of the whole thing after reading through the wiki. I’m just going to say that he’s really strong, but he’s not that strong. Look, here’s a picture of Fat Buu after he overdosed on Whey milkshakes. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG, THIS IS NOW CANON.

Skinny Buu

Beyond the character reveals, Weekly Jump also gave new details on the in-game Shop and Arcade Mode. The FighterZ shop will allow players to purchase colour variations for characters and I’m already wondering if there’ll be Dragon Ball Z loot boxes. As for Arcade Mode, it’s classic stuff that tosses players into a predertmined selection of battles ala the ol’ Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter ladders.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is out next year January 26 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Rock the dragon yo.

Last Updated: November 16, 2017

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