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Buy our game and stand in line to win a better one… weirdest PR stunt ever

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Okay yes this is possibly not the weirdest PR stunt ever pulled, that may still belong to God of War and the dead goat routine. But this one ranks up in there in the crazy stakes.

O-Games, which is unbelievably not a porn game company but rather a family, social and sporting game publisher, has announced that if you download a copy of their latest racing title, The Superstars V8 Racing, from the PSN you will stand a chance of winning one of 10 copies of Gran Turismo 5 when it is released.

To win you will need to compete in online challenges which will help you hone your skills for GT5 when it’s released.

“Beginning next week and for the next ten weeks, we’ll be challenging players of Superstars V8 Racing on PlayStation Network to various leaderboard competitions, and award winners a brand new copy of Gran Turismo 5. Superstars V8 Racing is the perfect game for racing fans to sharpen their skills as they wait for Gran Turismo 5, and what better way than to reward fans with a brand new copy of the game. Exactly when we can ship GT5 is anybody’s guess, but rest assured, we will send out prizes whenever it hits retail shelves.”

From what I can tell there is no link between O-Games and Polyphony Digital and it doesn’t seem to be a collaboration between Sony and O-Games either. It’s just simply O-Games hoping to get extra attention by linking itself with a AAA title.

Granted it worked but it doesn’t make you think of them as serious contenders.

Source: MSXbox-World

*The fact that I found this story on a Xbox site just adds to the awesomeness of it.

Last Updated: November 12, 2010


  1. Fox1

    November 12, 2010 at 09:40

    Game is pants I believe :sick:

    Save your V8 money more for the V12 🙂


  2. Noodle

    November 12, 2010 at 10:42

    It’s her O face!


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