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The guys over at have been at it again, after previously counting the Halo 3 pixels to prove that Halo 3 was not true HD it seems that the same issues are affecting Call of Duty 4.

Call of Duty 4 only runs in 600p, which is great because it proves this nonsense about 720p,1080i and 1080p is absolute rubbish. Everyone thinks that COD4 looks fantastic and is possibly the game of the year. So why should I go out and spend R5000 more for a 1080p screen when I have absolutely no need for it?

Call of Duty 4 is fantastic and I don’t feel the least bit cheated by the fact that it is not true HD… If you don’t have COD4 yet then read through my review here and then go and buy it… Easily my favourite game this year…

Call of Duty 4 not HD: only 600p, claim pixel counters [update] – Joystiq

Last Updated: November 23, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • Burns ZA

    Is this particular to the 360 version? If the PS3 is outputting this at 1080p then I’d love to see it – it must be stunning. I’m not worried – the game looks and plays teh awesome on the 360.

  • Ruslan

    Both consoles simply upscale to 1080p.

  • Fred

    Yea, whos counting pixels when it looks and plays this well.
    It it even smooth on the ps3 , well done to the coders.

  • No, the 360 isn’t true hd, it only scales to 720…

  • Ruslan

    @jinja – please give me some of what you are smoking or take your PS3 head out of the grass.

    Oh and before the PS3 forum peeps cry foul. My little test to actually post on your forum again paid off. Thanks for the bad rep. It was good to see how blindfoldedly some PS3 gamers have become in their quest to uphold their Sony PC over anything negative. 😉

  • Abev

    Ruslan, you have been sitting on ps3za for the past two weeks doing nothing but posting slanders on the ps3.
    You complain about getting a bad rep, but you never added anything constructive or pro active and did nothing but bring the site down. Good riddance!

  • Ruslan

    lol @ Abev – what slanders? Just posts from other respected websites about the poor PS3 Orange Box performance makes you vent your frustration on the person who posted the link? Grow up Abev or at least smell the roses.

  • Abev

    Whatever dude, Ill say it again Good Riddance!!

  • doobiwan

    Jinja – the 600p is for both versions, upscaling or not. and as far as hardware limits go, you seem to forget that the 360 can hardware scale to 720p & 1080p, the PS3 can’t.

    Either way it sounds like I definitely need to go join the PS3za forum, I know to many intelligent people, I need to go meet some brainless d***heads ….

  • Burns ZA

    Mmm, lets see, on the PS3 forum I’ve got the following comment “Go back to the 360 forums ape” and recently someone posted in a thread that a moderator must ban me as I’m a 360 fan boy. The fact that I have all the three consoles is irrelevent – if I don’t worship Sony I’m a fan boy. Nice place, some of the guys are cool, but some definately don’t appreciate objectivity.

  • Abev

    Doobi, you been sampling your own product??

    “you seem to forget that the 360 can hardware scale to 720p & 1080p, the PS3 can’t.” Lol, xbox can only do 1080p now thanks to updats and the ps3 most certainly does 1080p.

    “Either way it sounds like I definitely need to go join the PS3za forum, I know to many intelligent people, I need to go meet some brainless d***heads ….” Now thats just childish and sad, even mister lazy gamer himself is a member of that forum!

  • doobiwan

    As is Mr Burns and a number of other respectable gentlemen, although I apologise, but I hesitate adding you to that list after reading many of your comments on PS3za. But needless to say as you are well aware, many (Well a fair percent, there aren’t a lot of peeps on the forum in the first place) of the commentators on the site fall well within my previous description.

    I find it particularly interesting that the site choses to have a subforum dedicated to the 360 which inevitably degenerates into nothing but bad mouthing.

    “Lol, xbox can only do 1080p now thanks to updates and the ps3 most certainly does 1080p.” In that case PS3 is a PoS because of the **** 1.0 firmware – Try think your arguments through before you post.
    “Sony neglected to include a scalar chip in their PS3…”

  • Abe

    Well my ps3 scales up to 1080p everyday, so I guess I got a super one!

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