Call of Duty 4 – World Record Attempt

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Gazza from the Lawn clan has come up with an idea on how to get South Africa into the Xbox Live record books… Even though we are not supported.

He has setup a match over at The Xbox Lounge where all those who are interested in a 53 hour gaming marathon can sign up. Yes you didn’t read that wrong. He intends to get at least 8 people together to play solidly for over 53 hours.

The date is not set at the moment and it is still in the planning stages but it does look really interesting. My name is only there as a spectator, there is no way I could go without my beauty sleep for 53 hours 🙂

So anyone who is interested in actually attempting this please head on through the link and sign up…

Xbox View Match – Online Gaming @

Last Updated: January 2, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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