Call of Duty 5 Can Blow Your Blu-Ray Lens

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No I am not kidding.

News has been flying around the internet that there is a major issue with Call of Duty: World at War on the Playstation 3, and we even had one of our own readers post up a link to it as well yesterday, so it’s definitely worth a worry.

The worst part of this all, is that it seems as though the developers of the game have actually known about the problem for quite a while, and have not rectified it or come clean about it.

According to gaming website Zoknowsgaming, an interview that they had with an unnamed former employee of Infinity Ward was not surprised to hear their questions about the problem, and they report the following:

They said that the way that Treyarch’s code is executed and organized causes the disc to spin too fast in the PS3 thus blowing the Blu Ray lens and that is what causes all those disc read errors

Apparently this is only a problem from Treyarch’s side and as I said before, they have known about it for a while.

This is some scary stuff, and if you are worried and want to know more then I urge you to check out the source link below and read the full post.

Source: Zoknowsgaming

[Thanks Jut for the extra mention]

Last Updated: July 3, 2009

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