Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s lag has dramatically improved

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I am a fan of the Call of Duty series.  The fast paced nature of the game and the quick matches make for a perfect 30 minute time out while waiting for the wife and kids to get ready. Okay fine, 90 minutes but you still get the idea.

When Advanced Warfare was first released I attended a LAN event where we got to spend many hours shooting each other in the face and I absolutely loved the new mechanics and gameplay and couldn’t wait to spend hours of my life staring at those double jumping pixels.

However over the last 2 weeks the lag when playing online has been absolutely ridiculous, I’ve spent more time watching people warp through space and time and walk through walls than actually playing the game. It even got so bad that I posted that it’s possibly time for us to all go and get a refund. And it seems that I wasn’t alone as that article racked up tens of thousands of hits from people searching for solutions to the insane lag issues.

Well if this weekend is anything to go by then it appears that Sledgehammer Games have sorted out the issue as I managed to play a whole lot of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Free For All with very little lag. Now it’s still the Internet and I’m still based in South Africa so a few games didn’t work out as well as they should but that it par for the course really. Easily about 90% of the games I played had perfect latency which resulted in me slowly starting to repair my K/D ratio.

Unfortunately they still don’t appear to have resolved the geolocation matchmaking which would really improve everyone’s experience but at least now I can look forward to jumping online and boosting around corners to my heart’s content.Have you noticed an improvement to the lag in game since the latest patch or are you still merely a spectator during games? Oh my experience is based on the Xbox One version, apparently the PS4 version has been solid for a bit longer already.

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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