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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Collectibles guide

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True story: Someone will insult you in a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. But I can prepare you for that. Because your verbal attacker may have a K/D ration that doesn;t dip in the minus territories, but do they have every collectible in the game? Well you’re going to. And you’re going to rub it into their faces. And that’ll show ‘em!

Here’s where you can find all 56 collectibles in the latest Call of Duty game across all eleven missions. Spoilers!

Credit to IGN for the images. Remember, the closer you are to the collectibles, the higher the chance that your screen will hit you with a pop-up.

Mission 01: Black Ops

NRC comms earpiece

COD Mission 1 (1)

Right after you leave the air control tower and have crawled out from under the landing gear wreckage, you can pick up the earpiece on a desk to the left before you go down the stairs.


COD Mission 1 (2)

After you’ve located the Prime Minister using the security console, turn around and you’ll see the dud under the window to the right of the door used to enter the room.

Egyptian army cap

COD Mission 1 (3)

Inside the observation chamber for the interrogation room, you can grab the cap from the shelves on your left.

Replica nano-drone

COD Mission 1 (4)

When you’ve taken out the APCs and VTOL missiles, go into the storage room on the left side of the hangar to find the replica.

V-TOL panel

COD Mission 1 (5)

Right before you hop onto the APC in the loading bay after the team split-up, go back to the right corner of the room to find a VTOL panel.

Mission 02: New World

Defective Robot Hand

COD Mission 2 (4)

When you have control of the drones, you can find the robot hand in a tipped over vat behind the first containers you drop in the Steel Foundry. It can be recovered on foot after your drone is destroyed.

Bomb detonator cap

COD Mission 2 (5)

In the Subway simulation, go to the top of the escalators on the left side of the room and you’ll find find the detonator cap.

Model maglev train

COD Mission 2 (1)

In the loading bay and past the robots, go down into the mechanics bay and make your way towards the shelving on the back wall to find a model train.

Premium liquor

COD Mission 2 (2)

The second train car is a bar, so grab the liquor off the shelf behind the counter and get plastered.

Train pass

COD Mission 2 (3)

In the penultimate train car with stairs, go up to the second floor and collect the train pass that is on an empty seat at the front of the car’s left-hand side.

Mission 03: In Darkness

Broken respirator

COD Mission 3 (5)

In the first combat area after you face your first warlord, go into the pawn shop on your right and find the respirator behind the counter.

Incense sticks urn

COD Mission 3 (1)

Once you’ve crossed the flooded streets and beaten the Immortals (NOT SO IMMORTAL NOW ARE YA?), go outside the derelict office building and climb into the truck at the right of the entrance,  move around the corner of the building and you’ll find the urn by the wall.

Child’s toy

COD Mission 3 (2)

In the submerged train station, ignore Hendricks and go straight through the luminous seaweed and swim further down to find the toy on a bench.

Warlord helmet

COD Mission 3 (3)

Inside the office building that you find yourself in after exiting the flooded subway, go into the small office at the back of the ground floor lobby and you’ll find the helmet in a small room.

Fu dog figurine

COD Mission 3 (4)

Once you’ve gone past the large SOS billboard, climb up onto the roof of the skybridge and go into the building across from you through the hole in the wall. Walk through the door, go straight ahead and you’ll find the figurine sitting on top of the shelves.

Therapy session recording

COD Mission 3

At the Blacksite, the recording can be found on the desk on the left side of the second floor office.

Mission 04: Provocation

Gangster bling

COD Mission 4 (3)

At the start of the first gunfight, go into the garage at the back of the building that furthest to your right, and you’ll find the bling inside. Yo.

Supertree souvenir

COD Mission 4 (4)

Before you turn left through the market and climb the stairs, go straight past the fountain and towards the work station at the rear wall where you’ll find the souvenir on the table.

Dud slave collar

COD Mission 4 (5)

After the second large combat area, go across the broken bridge and climb up to the second floor of the left building where you’ll find the broken collar.

Antique vase

COD Mission 4 (6)

In the shipping yard, go right and around the first stack of containers. Climb up onto the red container that blocks the route to the central area, and you can then collect the vase from the side of the blue container to your right.


COD Mission 4 (7)

After you enter the botanical preserve on the second floor, go through the fake cave and pick up the red mineral from the display case which is opposite the large circular root display.

Bullet shell necklace

COD Mission 4 (1)

After the first destroyed SuperTree, take a right zipline to the next tree and then head upstairs to the next set of ziplines on the left. The necklace can be found on an ammo crate next to the end of the zipline.

Mission 05: Hypocenter

There are six collectibles throughout this mission: 54i Data-Pad, Contamination Test Kit, Coalescence Marketing Material, Bio-containment canister, E-Ink white-board, and Prototype DNI Implant.

54I Data-pad

COD Mission 5 (3)

In a small yellow tent located near the start of the mission, the data-pad can be found on a small box.

Contamination test kit

COD Mission 5 (4)

In the large building where all the TV screens turn on, go left towards a dead end to find the contamination test kit.

Coalescence marketing material

COD Mission 5 (5)

As you go to the bottom of the room where a horde of robots are located and waiting for you, go right to find a small building and the Coalescence marketing material inside.

Bio containment canister

COD Mission 5 (6)

When your team reaches the room that has the glowing blue eagle on the wall, a door will open further in. Go through the door, head left through another door and you’ll find the collectible.

E-Ink whiteboard

COD Mission 5 (1)

In the room full of skeletons in large pods, the E-Ink white-board can be found on a counter at the back-right side of the room.

Prototype DNI implant

COD Mission 5 (2)

After you’ve fought a group of robots in the water, go through the door in the back, towards the first door on the right and you’ll find the collectible beneath a Coalescence screen.

Mission 06: Vengeance

Damaged optical camo cloak

COD Mission 6 (2)

After you gain control of your character, turn left and go down the alley to find the collectible on the sidewalk in the light.

Bio-luminescent orchid

COD Mission 6 (3)

Keep to the right side of the Chinese garden area as you pursue your objective, go past the dead bodies and a few doorways and when you reach the flower in the final garden, you’ll see the collectible on the right.

HCXD bomb-sniffer robot

COD Mission 6 (4)

As you fight through your enemies, a large robot will come crashing through a wall. Finish the fight, enter that large hole and the collectible can be found on the left.

Dragon necklace

COD Mission 6 (1)

Go through the safe house, through a large hole in the wall again to find the collectible in a small lounge area on the right side.

Mission 07: Rise and Fall

NRC helmet

COD Mission 7 (2)

Turn right and grab the NRC Helmet off the desk, after everyone stops talking.

Broken stained glass

COD Mission 7 (3)

This can be found on the escalators, to the left side of the large room after your team gets ambushed, hidden behind some large objects.

NRC propaganda poster

COD Mission 7 (4)

Your character will grab the spike weapon immediately after the car ride. Head through the gate and take a left to find the poster on the wall.

Military officer’s sword

COD Mission 7 (5)

In a destroyed village, go towards the homes on the right side and keep going until you come across the collectible on a bookshelf at the end.

Piece of broken statue

COD Mission 7 (6)

After you find the crashed VTOL in the building lobby and before you interact with it, turn right to find the collectible on a chair.

Etched glass bottle

COD Mission 7 (1)

On the second floor of a building to the right of a battle.

Mission 08: Demon Within

Shell Casing

COD Mission 8 (4)

At the ammo crates at Bastogne, go to the small bunker on the right and find the collectible inside.

WWII US Field Radio

COD Mission 8 (5)

In the same area. go past the vehicles and head to the left side to find a wooden station the collectible.

Field Binoculars

COD Mission 8 (6)

After you meet the dire wolves, you can find the field binoculars on a wooden crate.

Russian Field Compass

COD Mission 8 (1)

On the second floor of a barn to the left side of the small farm, sits the Russian field compass.

Russian Hat

COD Mission 8 (2)

Go towards the small buildings that are located a short distance from the last farm and you’ll find the collectible inside a small stone building to the left.

Wagner Gramophone Record

COD Mission 8 (3)

After you’ve defeated the Tiger Tank, go into the partially destroyed building on the right and you’ll find the collectible in the back on the second floor.

Mission 09: Sand Castle


COD Mission 9 (2)

After you land your plane the first time, go into the tower beneath the primary objective marker and you’ll find the postcard on a desk inside.

Drillbit Parts

COD Mission 9 (1)

After you land your plane the second time, head left to find the drillbit parts on the floor between the two buildings.

Mission 10: Lotus Towers


COD Mission 10 (1)

Inside the small shop, go the left to find the hamsa hanging on a wall in the back.

Taylor’s Insignia

COD Mission 10 (2)

After the section where you crawl through the air ducts, Taylor’s insignia can be found in the lockers on the left side of the room.


COD Mission 10 (3)

In a small office that overlooks a large robot attack, the hookah can be spotted.

Wall Hung Carpet

COD Mission 10 (4)

Head through the markets and you’ll come across a blue scaffold on the right. Climb it to the top and the well-hung wall hung carpet collectible can be found behind a crate to the right.

Decorative Lantern

COD Mission 10 (5)

This can be found in a small corner on the left side of a bridge past everything that happens to be on fire.

Melted Robot Part

COD Mission 10 (6)

After Taylor takes control of the NRC Mothership, go to the right to find the melted robot part in the ruined building.

Mission 11: Life

Promo Poster

COD Mission 11 (3)

After you regain control of your character, turn around and you’ll find the poster in front of a coffee shop.

Prototype Robot Part

COD Mission 11 (4)

In the room that fills with Nova Gas, turn around and grab the collectible in the corner before you hack the terminal.


COD Mission 11 (1)

In the desert area in the dream world, head towards the ruined buildings and you’ll spot the Fulgurite at the top of the left building.

Raven Feather

COD Mission 11 (2)

After the final cutscene, the words “Purging” will appear on the screen. Take a walk through the offices until you see the desk in front of the Coalescence sign. Congrats! You’ve found the final collectible.

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