Call of Duty Black Ops – First Strike DLC

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Nick has been trying for months to get everyone to call Call of Duty Black Ops Blops, thankfully this has never really taken off and now the developers have for the first time given the title an official short name, COD B.

It’s not great but anything’s better than Blops so I’ll take it. Check below for a video of the upcoming DLC for COD B which will introduce 4 new maps being

Kowloon – Same look and feel as Kowloon in the SP but it’s an entirely new map with ziplines.
Discovery – Mountain pass with small destructible bridges completely covered in Snow
Berlin Wall – It’s got auto turrets, sweet
Stadium – Nice tight compact map which will cater for the non sniper in you

That’s all well and good but at 1200 MS Points it’s not cheap but you are all going to buy it anyway as you proved with the 1200 pointed MW2 DLC. Oh and it’s a timed exclusive on the Xbox 360.

Last Updated: January 18, 2011

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