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Call of Duty Black Ops II Soundtrack by Trent Reznor

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By Ruan Fourie


Trent Reznor is know for many things. He is the front man and lead song writer for the band Nine Inch Nails. He has made it very clear on how he feels about the record industry and how he feel artists are getting ripped off. He and his partner Atticus Ross has won a Grammy for his musical score of The Social Network and they also created the musical score for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Reznor is also a gamer and has worked with game developers id on Quake and Doom 3.

Seems like Trent Reznor is not done with the gaming industry yet according to USA Today. Reznor has now teamed up with Treyarch to work on the theme for Black Ops II and apparently he has been a long time Call of Duty fan. "I have always looked to that franchise as the cutting edge of what seemingly unlimited budget and full-on not cutting any corners can do in the current day and age," says Reznor. And that would be very true if you can look past the fact that they have been using the same engine for the past 5 Call of Duty titles.

Whether you are a fan of Call of Duty or not this is exciting news. I have always been a fan of the game and Trent Reznor’s music. If his previous musical projects are anything to go by this can only be cool. "There is a lot of reservation and angst and sense of loss and regret and anger bubbling under the surface, so it didn’t make sense to have a gung ho patriotic feeling kind of theme song. It has to feel weighty." says Reznor about the theme song he has composed for Black ops II.

I can’t wait to hear this. What do you think?

Last Updated: July 19, 2012

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