Call of Duty Black Ops III is all about “boots to the ground” action

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Advanced Warfare introduced enhanced movement systems last year. Ideas that other games had been making prevalent in the years since Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Movement in first-person shooters these days needs to be more than just your standard run ‘n gun action.


But the option to still have traditional forms of moving from point to point, still plays a key role in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It’s all about knowing when to use those special moves, as opposed to thrust-jumping everywhere.


“Yeah, I mean the thrust jump specifically and later the power slide uses an analogue system governed by a resource. You have to manage against it,” studio design director David Vonderhaar said.


If you’ve never thrust-jumped at all, you could still be successful and you will stay successful when you stay boots on the ground because when you’re thrust-jumping you’re exposed.


So we want this to be a movement system, a way to manoeuvre through the world and to set up. But actually, we also have the guns-up philosophy.

We want you to get in and to stay and fight, anywhere you’re at.


You’re dangerously exposed when you are wall-running and thrust-jumping.


Which is why we don’t take away the gun, it’s already very dangerous to do those things so you can still shoot while you’re swimming, while you’re wall-running, while you’re thrust-jumping.


That was a very deliberate design philosophy going into the game.

“What’s interesting is that we’ve watched how these guys play the game because they pick it up very quickly. The movement system that we’ve done, we’ve intentionally tried to make it as accessible as possible to the fans,” multiplayer game director Dan Bunting added, explaining how he watched people on the E3 floor play the game.


They can pick it up as easily and quickly as possible and they can understand how to do it and they can go out and have fun. As I’ve been watching these guys play, they’ve been staying boots on the ground mostly.


They’ve actually found the perfect balance that we’ve been targeting which is that we want people to feel that fluid and that fast movement system experience as they’re traversing the map and getting into position. Because that’s just fun.


But once they get into combat, we want them to be focused and have that boots on the ground engagement.

Co-op also makes a return in Black Ops III. Why? Because it’s just plain fun according to Vonderhaar, that’s why:


It’s part of our blood. With this next generation, this current generation of hardware, it gives us a chance to come back and try that one more time.

The game is just super-fun when you play it with your friends.


It’s been true for Zombies and multiplayer, and it’s true for campaign. This is from a personal angle, I really like the sort of sandbox style, you’re a little off the rails here.


We don’t give up the cinematic intensity to do it, we still have the story-telling and that really twisted narrative that you’d expect from a Treyarch game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is out later this year. And it’s got an upcoming beta for anybody who is interested in an early taste of the action.

Last Updated: June 26, 2015

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