Call of Duty : Black Ops Trailer Rocks the Socks

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If you were a little worried about Treyarch’s latest stab at the Call of Duty franchise – like I was – then this trailer might help ease your apprehension.

Now that they’ve shifted to more modern times, Treyarch are able to bring a few fun things to the table – and they’ve done just that with Explosive crossbow bolts, rocket propelled grenades, and a sexy SR-71 Blackbird. Of course, it all seems a little Michael Bay-ish but it still looks like they’re going in the right direction. the trailer has some pretty fantastic, unexpected art direction from the guys over at Treyarch.

I had no intentions of buying another Call of Duty game after being underwhelmed by Modern Warfare 2 – but this may have changed my mind. Put your tinfoil hats on It seems like they’ll be playing around with conspiracy theories .

Last Updated: May 19, 2010

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