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Call of Duty Championships – Day 3 results

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Two days of fierce fighting had led to this, the play-offs of the Call of Duty Championship. With $400 000 in prize money on the line to the winning team, as well as the bragging rights of best in the world, there was plenty of incentive to play like there was no tomorrow. Which is just what we got.

Our first big match of the day was the lower bracket play-offs between Fariko Impact and Team Optic, for the chance to take on Team Envy in the finals. Here’s how that went down in a rematch for the ages.

Team Fariko Impact vs Team Optic

Fariko wasted no time taking the lead in the initial Hard Point match, securing a dominant win with 250 points to the 190 that Optic managed to rake in. It was a battke that shifted between the two in the early stages of the match, with neither side having a clear advantage until halfway through when Fariko Impact surged ahead.

Moving on to Search and Destroy, Fariko Impact showed off some new skills, with Parasite dominating especially. Optic wasn’t ready to throw in the towel though, and fought back to equalise with a 5-5 score for both teams But in an eleventh hour tie-breaker, Fariko Impact went big, with Parasite clinching victory for the boys and leaving the scoreboard to read 2-0 in their favour.

Optic needed a win badly, and that’s just what they got when Capture The Flag appeared on the playlist. A tense battle ensued, with Optic pulling ahead to score victory and make it 2-1 in the lower bracket final. Moving back to Hard Point, the next map up was Raid.


Once again, Fariko Impact was on fire here, hitting the 150 point mark easily while Optic languished with a paltry 40 points. With two minutes left on the clock, Optic staged a valiant comeback, gaining more points and hitting voer a hundred, but by then it was too late as the boys in pink now had over 200 hard points of their own, a victory which sealed the deal for them.

And with that blistering match finished, it was time for Fariko Impact to head back on to stage and take on championship darlings Envy.

Team Envy versus Fariko Impact

The match certainly wasn’t in Fariko Impact’s favour, as they went in with a 3-2 disadvantage from their best of eleven confrontation with Envy. And with Envy being a dominant force in the CTF arena, the first match up looked ridiculously unbalanced already.

But lo and behold, Fariko Impact pulled a rabbit out of their hat and upset the CTF experts on their home mode, with a bloody round that saw a confrontation of epic proportions and overtime. Now tied at 3-3 in the championship, Fariko Impact next took on Envy in some Hard Point action. Fariko Impact grabbed the first points of that opening battle, but Envy quickly caught up and had Fariko Impact on the ropes with a commanding 40 point lead. Parasite was especially vicious here, going on a kill-spree with the Remington shotgun and actually scoring a four-man clean sweep at one point.

Envyus finally scrapped in a tight victory though, keeping the crowd cheering with a quick victory margin of 220-200, making the final tally now 5 points to both sides. And so, we went into the 11th hour match-up.

It was search and destroy once again, this time on the Meltdown map. With $400 000 on the line and some ego-boosting claims to fame, both teams went back and forth, trading gains for pains, before the final line came down to a tense stand-off between Proofy and Killa.

Only one of them would pull a miracle-win though, and that was Killa, living up to his name and locking in victory one bullet at a time. And with that final round over, Fariko Impact had won a 438 game of note, something that Envy should be proud of as well.


Last Updated: April 8, 2013


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    Not VOER


  2. ezzy525

    April 8, 2013 at 14:27

    fariko got lucky, the final was ridiculously close, with some clutch plays from both sides.


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