Call of Duty Elite maps are locked to a single profile

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Usually, when you buy content on Xbox Live it locks itself to both the profile that bought it, and the hardware itself – so you can usually log in with any profile on that same machine and play whatever DLC, maps or extras were purchased. It seems that’s not the case if that DLC happens to have come through Call of Duty Elite.

Nope, according to angry users on forums the new Modern Warfare 3 maps that were recently released through the stat-tracking (and more!) service are locked to a single, originating account. I plain terms, if you bought the new maps (or got ‘em “free” with a premium subscription") your little brother/girlfriend/pet giraffe won;t be able to access them on their profiles on the same console- so each user would have to buy them again.

Curiously, this is quite discordant with the downloads’ terms and conditions, which plainly state that "You can use this item on the first Xbox 360 console you downloaded it to. Access to this item will also be granted to all users on this first console."

We’re not sure if this will affect PC and PS3 players as well, because even though they pay just as much money for the game and Elite service as Xbox Players, they get the content later. No fair!

Is this a sneaky underhanded tactic from Activision, or  a technical glitch? Stay tuned.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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