Call Of Duty: Ghost’s Subzero and Goldrush maps are all about mine cart action

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You may laugh, but multiplayer is a massive deal in Call Of Duty, with each new map released meaning hours upon hours worth of practice to pro-gamers. Choke points, rush zones and hotspots all fall into a competitive strategy that needs to be analysed and examined thoroughly. So for the pro players who are reading this, here’s a preview of two of the new maps from Call Of Duty Ghost’s Nemesis DLC pack. I’ll be analysing guns to see if they can make pew pew noises.


I have to be honest, that mine cart addition looks like stupid fun, although I highly doubt that I’d ever pick up seven kills while riding in it. I would most likely derail the second I started, and that’s not even coded into the game itself. Next up, it’s a winter wonderland map, as players hit the frozen tundras of Canada in order to maim and murder one another for points. That’s what Subzero is all aboot.


I genuinely thought that there would be a Mortal Kombat crossover in Subzero. I was wrong, and now I’m R20 shorter thanks  to a bet made with Geoff. Dammit. As usual, the Xbox platforms will have first dibs on the maps, thanks to timed exclusive deals. The DLC is out on August 5, and will run you around $14.99 for four new maps and the final episode in the Extinction saga.

Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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