Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is drafting in help from pro players

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There’s three kinds of people who play Call of Duty: Normal folks who sample all the game modes and enjoy a weekend of single-player, emotionally invested chaps who live and breathe the multiplayer and a special kind of organism that scientists have identified as being a general waste of blood and oxygen due to the toxicity of their online interactions with everyone else.

These days, Call of Duty is specifically geared for that second group of fans. People who delight in running around a map and peppering their friends with lead. There’s a lot of work that goes into that facet of Call of Duty. Everything from the spray of a gun to the speed at which you swap weapons out. EVERYTHING gets analysed. But this year, Infinity Ward is drafting in some help from the pros to help nail the multiplayer even further.

Pro Call of Duty players that is. “We’ve actually had some of the pro players out already to Infinity Ward to look at the new game,” Activision eSports brand development director Jay Puryear said to GamesRadar.

They play at such a high level. They’re like ‘I expected you to spawn here’ or ‘if I control the map in such a way you should spawn over here. So they really help with spawning and tuning, or weapons and content – they have an opinion on all of that. It’s really the first time that we’ve really started, in the last couple of years, really bringing them in, and getting their feedback definitely helps development.

While Call of Duty has been making a serious push into eSports ever since Black Ops 2 rolled around several years ago, this is still a fresh approach for the franchise that relies on the support of those players. Realistically, most of us will never notice those tweaks and changes. They’ll only really be felt by the professionals, who can spot fine-tuning and then whinge about it endlessly to Activision.

Still, it should hopefully make for a more solid launch that won’t need much in the way of patches. Hopefully.

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Last Updated: May 17, 2016

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