Call of Duty World at War to get its 2nd Map Pack

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CODWAW While work on the next entry in to the mammothine Call of Duty series is well underway, that doesn’t mean that World at War developers Treyarch are sipping pina-coladas on a Caribbean island somewhere. Not the sort to rest on the laurels, Treyarch have announced that the second map pack for World at War (ingeniously titled “Map Pack 2”) would make its way to consoles next month.

Map Pack 2 introduces three new standard multiplayer maps, as well as one new area for the game’s Zombietastic survival Mode. Also included are ten new achievements or trophies, depending on your platform of choice.

Of course, you’ll no doubt remember the furor that resulted from the staggered release of the last map pack. Hopefully Treyarch and SCEE have learned from that particular mistake – mostly ‘cos I melted all my plastic soldiers with a magnifying glass.

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Last Updated: May 4, 2009

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