Can the PS3 overtake the Xbox 360 in 2008?

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9 has an article asking whether or not the PS3 can overtake the 360 in 2008. I would just like to state up front that I highly doubt this is possible and the rest of my thoughts are based on whether or not the PS3 will achieve greater 2008 sales than the 360.

Obviously the Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema Blu-Ray exclusive deal after effects are still being felt around the industry and everyone is scrambling to find out what happens now.

These deals are fantastic news for the Blu-Ray enabled PS3 but I don’t feel they make that much difference to the non HD-DVD enabled Xbox 360. The 360 has never been touted as a High Definition movie player and all this deal means is that the PS3 is not longer at a great risk of being stuck with a lemon. People calling this a death knell for the 360 are far of the mark.

However there are some very critical problems that Microsoft need to sort out and fast. The highest priority issues is the instability of Live over the festive season. This is a paid for service and has always been one of the selling points of the 360. While the PSN is not as mature or capable as Live it is free and stable, two things that go a long way to getting and retaining clients.

The next big problem is that while the 360 has some awesome games coming out this year I am not sure they have the same huge exclusivity titles that the PS3 has. This is the year we expect to see Killzone 2, MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo 5 and Home… While I have possibly negative interest in a second life clone on a console, I feel I am in the minority here. There is a reason why Second Life and World of Warcraft have millions of users. People enjoy the sociability of it.

So while I don’t see the PS3 overtaking the 360 in lifetime sales this year, they are nicely poised to outsell the 360. However it is January and I highly doubt that Microsoft has shown their true hand yet and we can always rely on Sony doing something stupid before the year is out. Any bets on how much they are going to charge for Home?

Can the PS3 overtake the Xbox 360 in 2008? –

Last Updated: January 7, 2008

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