Can The PS3 Slim Stand, Without An Expensive Stand?

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By now almost all of you have heard the news and seen the pictures of the PS3 Slim.

Thing is right, that no matter which console you buy, they are a touch pricy any which way you look at it and the real pain in the butt comes along when you need to buy even more accessories, cables etc. as well and in the end it all ends up costing that little bit more than you expected.

The reason I am saying this is because the new PS3 slim was shown standing upright using a stand that is not free, but is currently priced at around $24 US (around R200). So if you only have space for a vertical console, or prefer them that way, is it worth shelling out so much money for a stand?

Stephen Totillo of Kotaku decided to put the Slim to the test. Find out how it fares after the jump.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 20, 2009

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  • fred

    Sure there will be cheap makes available soon. Don’t try to put a nagative spin on the ps3 slim , it is a great piece of kit for the price.

  • easy

    wow… that really is small! impressive bit of engineering.

  • Someone

    I still hope there’s a stand for this.
    It looks unstable, given it stands but looks easy to tip over.
    Especially with the PS3’s “wireless” controllers and kids

  • spl0it

    Vertical consoles are stupid if you are a drinker :silly:

  • WitWolfyZA

    I read on N4G that many shops in the US are selling the fat PS3 80GB for $300 to get rid of stock, will Sa also be doing this?

  • A negative spin? Sigh.

  • fred

    K , wasn’t that bad :blush:

  • Bobtons

    Vertical consoles are overrated anyway. Regardless, I’m still buying this and chucking my crapbox in the bin.

  • Darkling

    Probably not. You know how S.a retailers work. I saw a 40gig Ps3 last week for R5500! Double you tee eff?

  • RivaZA

    That looks way to unstable for my liking. I would have to apply way more force than a light tap to make my vertical standing PS3 even move. Hell even my vertical standing Xbox360 is way more stable than that.

  • Bobtons

    @RivaZA Although, keeping your xbox 360 vertical is a sure way to mangle your disks (A kitten, an obese grandmother, the mere tremor from the neighbour’s new motorbike… and it’s bye bye disk). On a side note: My xbox 360 has decided its disk tray is stuck. :silly: I really love you MS :silly:

  • RSA-Ace

    Actually all the PS3’s are supposed to have dropped to the same price as the PS3 slim. So we actually supposed to have a price drop to help move the old consoles. So the PS3 80GB should be selling for R3799 (my estimate for $299) in the next few days.

  • Ozzy

    yes, negative nick strikes again. ps3 has just become the defacto console/blu player of note but he focuses on the stand. thats sa jounalism for you.

  • Ozzy

    try cancelling your assosiation with m$ – deleting accounts etc. i cant seem to get it right. so like your disk tray, im stuck. :angry:

  • Well, I could always post the other PS3 slim stories over again if you like,

  • Awie_is_n_Pirate

    You would do that for us? Thanks man, you’re the best. 😉

  • Roland Browning

    Orgasmic Ozzy makes another bonehead comment because he has a PS3 stuck up his arse.

  • RivaZA

    Nah, I have had my 360 like this for over a year and have not even scratched a disk. This is my third one though, my other ones I used to treat like they where made out of brittle glass. They used to be horizontal, stand on erasers and have a fan blow over them. But they would scratch my disks, give disk read errors, think my games were DVDs and the first one even died with a E74. None lasted longer than 8 months.
    So when I eventually got this third replacement I thought I would just treated it like any other device because it would break no matter what I do. And surprise, it is still working 18 months later with not even so much as a disk read error.

  • RivaZa

    disregard that, i suck c0cks :angry:

  • ainsley

    : :heart: :kissing: :wub: :tongue: 😎 :angel: :pirate: :w00t: :blush:

  • dat nigga yah wife piped

    yah still dnt answer the question if u cud stand the slim ps3 upright? I juss got mines and I buss ass in cod 4 or 5 and nba 2k9! holla at me my sn is DeBestPlaya3VA =) pussies!

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