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Can they lie to us? Haze over troubled water

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After Haze had such a huge amount of hype, it was quite interesting to see the terrible reviews drip out of the media pipes one by one.

After a short while, I decided to go and look at Free Radical (Haze publishers) website to see if there was any sort of reaction whatsoever. I didn’t find anything. What I did find, however, was a page about Haze that was plastered with nothing but good comments about the game. As a matter of fact, they have a really cheeky introduction to the page that says:

“Welcome. If you’re too cheap to buy magazines, or are somehow too busy to do a Google search, this is the perfect place to catch up with all the nice things that people have been saying about Haze.”

Ok, then. All the nice things that people have to say… let’s see what kind of things people said.

Here are a few examples of the quotes (obviously from previews and early looks) taken from the Haze page:

The first thing you’ll notice is how beautiful it all is”

“HAZE already looks and plays superbly”

“We’re pumped for HAZE”

– PSM3 (May, 2008) [UK]

“From what we’ve seen it could be one of the greatest FPS on the PS3 with not only great shooting action but with a deep involving story line. It’s going to be awesome.”

– PLAY (June, 2007) [UK]

“Based on what we’ve seen, Haze looked mighty impressive.”

– Gamesradar.com (May 23rd, 2007) [UK]


Ok, now lets compare these statements to what reviewers said, in summary, on metacritic.com.

I have taken a review from the very top, the middle and the bottom:

“So Haze, as a PS3 exclusive, is far from a reason to own a PS3.”

– PSM3 Magazine UK (71%)

(same people as the first quote above, also the highest Haze score on metacritic)

“A seven-hour campaign and uneventful multiplayer modes just don’t cut it in light of the far better modern shooters available on the market.”

– Gamespot (60%)

“On the whole, Haze isn’t outright terrible or broken — it’s just unsatisfying and misguided and would have been merely average on the Xbox and PS2.”

– 1UP.com (33%)


Should this be allowed? Sure, the publishers are using direct quotes from the press, but is it right that they still even have it up with quotes based on early looks at the game when reviews are coming in with so many terrible scores?

Basically what they are saying is “Hey, look, these people liked what they saw a while ago, so lets look at that and not focus on anyone or anything that isn’t going to boost sales!”

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and let us know if you feel that they have the right to have quotes like that up on the site or if they should have to rather link to a real source of opinions instead?

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

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