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Can you give a console a review score?

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Last night I was invited to an exclusive Dion Wired event where we got to listen to how awesome they were and how they had awesome products to sell this holiday season.. it was weird but the cool part was that I got to give the Wii-U another spin and also let the wife have a go for the first time.

She loved it and we are now budgeting it in for Christmas but yet this still has nothing to do with this post… but this back story is why I ended up on IGN earlier reading their review of the console.

The thing that caught me off guard was that at the end of the review they gave the console a score of 7.6/10.. can you give a console an actual score since the entertainment factor behind a console is surely the software that is released for it and not the console itself?

Or if it is the console then surely we need to re-review the console every time a new patch is released for it.

Think about it, if the PlayStation 3 is now a 9/10 because of its online ability, PSN+ and huge catalogue of games,  should it have originally scored it 5/10? It just seems like an odd move from IGN and I thought I’d ask you our wonderful readers what you think. When we receive our Wii-U and review it are you expecting a score at the end. Is it fair to give a platform a score?

Last Updated: November 22, 2012

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