Candy Crush caught cheating?

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I’ve mentioned before about my wife’s slight addiction to Candy Crush and how much it is costing me. However I can’t claim complete innocence here. While I don’t spend money on the game’s add-ins  I am still addicted and recently reached level 405 in the candy-matching game.

However over the months I’ve often been subjected to claims that the game is simply cheating and making it virtually impossible to win without paying for bonuses. I’ve always defended the game and stated that there simply is no way that the developers would go to any effort to make the game cheat. I’ve told her before that if she ever sees anything like that she needs to take screenshots. I said this simply to stop her complaining about it always cheating, to be honest.

But I could have been wrong. Over the weekend my wife was crushing candies on the phone and after a mild little rant about the stupid game she forwarded me these two screenshots.

First up we have the starting screen for level 433

So easy enough, this is a timed game where you need to reach 65 000 points. I like the timed stages because they are so simplistic.

However she then sent me this image

Same level, she got a score of 135 740 and yet still failed.

Now I’m no  maths genius but I do know that 135 740 is greater than 65 000.. .it’s actually over double that score. So fellow Candy Crush addicts, have you experienced cheating in the game or should we just put this down to a weird bug?

Last Updated: December 9, 2013

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