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Capcom’s really just taking the piss with DLC now

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Capcom X Tekken is out, and I have to admit it’s pretty darn good. With a pace and mechanics that sit somewhere between Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom, its frantic, combo-heavy crossover dynamic is really fun. Not so fun? Being sodomised; which is exactly what Capcom’s doing to you with the game’s DLC.

Surprised? Of course not.

On Friday last week, Capcom’s Brett Elston detailed the company’s plans for Street Fighter X Tekken DLC – and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. We’ve already told you how the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken – available soon – has more characters than the console versions, and that it was discovered, those 12 characters are already on the game’s disc – you’re just barred from playing as any of those characters until Capcom charges you to unlock them.

According to Capcom, you’ll be paying $20 to do that; unlock characters that are already in the game, just digitally shackled by some code – and considering how much Capcom’s charged for characters in the past is pretty cheap! On top of that, you’ll be able to purchase costume packs for the already existing characters. they’re Swap costumes – which put your favourite Tekken or Street Fighter characters in costumes from the opposing game’s universe. They’ll set you back $1 a costume or you can save money by buying them in two $13 packs – one for each stable.

Assuming you paid the RRP $60 for the game, the addition of $20 to unlock characters and another $26 for costumes makes it so you’d have to spend $106 to get the complete game – which Capcom will inevitably sell for $40 in a year’s time. On the plus side, at least Capcom’s not charging for different colours this time, as that’ll be included as free DLC, containing :

Nine new gem packs totaling 60+ new gems
Replay analyzer
Tournament support for gem selection
Three new quick combo pre-sets
Three additional gem loadout slots
Three new color packs with four colors each

We’ve already fingered Capcom  – already notorious for milking franchises – as one of the worst abusers of DLC – selling things like palette swaps, costumes and even cheat codes – but charging people money for things that are already on their discs while still not fixing the game in question? That’s an all new, greedy low.

Personally? I think this is wholly reprehensible. Am I just too cynical? Is Capcom taking the piss out of its loyal customers, or is this sort of digital price-gouging reasonable and justified?

Last Updated: March 19, 2012

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