Carmen Electra Pole Dancing on the 360

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Of all the bizarre fitness fads that have come and gone this one is easily my favourite, apparently Pole Dancing is a great fitness technique and is fun for the whole family, well the whole family over 18 that is…

Now to cash in on the fad they are planning on releasing a Pole Dancing game using the Wii’s motion sensitive controller, however they are running into a bit of an issue with the Nintendo board and an obviously sexual game… which makes no sense after you have looked through the DS games catalogue?

Anyway apparently it would be impossible to get a Carmen Electra sponsored pole dancing game on a Nintendo system but with the recent.. oh wait it’s not official yet, upcoming announcement for a motion sensitive controller for the 360 they may have a new platform to target.

Would you honestly buy a pole dancing game on the 360 or Wii and if so how on earth would it work? Do I need to nail the controller into the floor and get the midgets out?

Even though it makes no sense this game has my full backing, Carmen Electra and pole dancing just work well together.

Source: MTV

Last Updated: June 12, 2008

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