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Casting Call: Lost Odyssey

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This week on Casting Call, we take a peek into the wonderful world of western conversions.

Japan makes a game, sales are great, Hollywood finds out and decides to make a movie to cash in on it’s success. Western actors are chosen to play the roles of all the character, regardless of their race, in other words, some characters have way bigger eyes. Here comes the Lost Odyssey Western Edition. Like last week, this game was exclusive to only one console, so if you haven’t played it, bear with me.

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For the lead roles of the movie we have gone with Kaim and Seth. Both of them are immortals and their beauty and skills in combat combined make them the definitive choice if you are going to have people staring at characters for around two hours. We have also thrown Jansen in, cause what kind of a movie would it be without the full original trio. One question though. Why do so many of the characters have blue eyes? I see a contact lens company getting a lot of business from this movie… anyway, on to the cast!

Kaim Argonar: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers


If you have ever seen the television show ” The Tudors”, you will be familiar with Jonathan in his roles as King Henry VIII. He is also known for his role as Elvis Presley in the 4 hour mini-series aptly named “Elvis” as well as being a model for both Versace and Hugo Boss.

His appearance has a likeness to that of an elf (immortal’s as well if you didn’t know) at times, with his long face and prominent cheek bones, making him a great candidate for the role of Kaim, who is both elvish looking (though not actually an elf) and immortal. With a decent amount of roles behind him and his big television breaks coming in the recent years, he is a perfect candidate for a non A-list actor looking to destroy his career by signing up for a game to movie conversion.

Seth Balmore: Jordana Brewster


Some of you will recognise Jordana as Vin Diesel’s super hot sister from the first Fast and the Furious movie. Other might know her as the girl from The Faculty that made you think “Hey, why does Demi Moore looks so damn young in this movie?”. Either way, this woman is on fire. With a great mix of being cute and having loads of sex appeal she is able to keep eyes fixed to her no matter how long the film may be. That great combo also works into Seth’s character, as she is somehow cute, but sexy, but then again able to open a serious can of whoop-ass on any fools who get in her way.

Janses Friedh: Shia Lebeouf


Although Shia Lebeouf (pronounced: Shy-a Le-buff) has had a crazy streak of landing roles in big movies lately (Transformers, Disturbia, Indiana Jones, I-Robot), I still think that he is desperate enough to latch on to the new video-game fad. From his interviews for the Transformers game, you can tell that he doesn’t actually know very much about games. Either that or he is a gamer and knew the game sucked and the creators forced him to keep saying “it’s a fun game, it’s a really fun game” for the interview.

As the character of Jansen, Shia would do great, he has fairly similar features, but way more importantly, they both spend most of their lives pretending to be real hardcore men, when everyone knows that they are still just little boys. Don’t believe me? Check out photoshoots of Shia and you will see that he grows as much fluff on his face as possible in an attempt to look all grown up. I don’t buy it.

Another reason for casting Shia, is endorsements. It seems that every thing that he acts in lately hauls in so much endorsement cash that anyone making a movie would be crazy to not at least try and cast him. What endorsements you ask? What car’s were thrown in our faces every 5 min’s in transformers? Hmmm. In Disturbia, Shia is happily jamming away in a multiplayer online game of GRAW on his Xbox 360 when his mom suddenly cut’s his account. (If she could let us know how she got it done so fast we would really appreciate it.)

Did anyone else who’s seen the movie wonder why “Connect to Xbox Live” was written so DAMN BIG on his TV screen. Thanks for that Microsoft. But on that note, Im sure that even though Lost Odyssey is set in an alternate universe, Jansen will be kitted out with the latest pair of Adidas and some Ray Ban sunglasses. Cha-Ching!

The end

That’s another Casting Call in the bag, I hope you enjoyed it. Also, I know I’m beating down on Shia a lot, but I do actually like his acting. I guess it just comes down to the fact that he seems to be landing himself in every single multiple-endorsed summer hit every single year. Let’s hope he works some magic for Lost Odyssey, it’s going to need it.

Leave comments to let me know why my choices suck and who you think might have been better for the roles.

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Last Updated: May 15, 2008

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