Castle Crashers Patch Almost Here

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If you, like me were one of the people that forked out a bunch of Microsoft Points to get your hands on the beat-em-up title Castle Crashers on Xbox Live, only to find out that the best part (online co-op) was plagued with connectivity and lag issues, then this is a bit of good news.

There was no doubt that the biggest reason for anyone connected to Xbox Live to get the game was to experience the great arcade action that the game had to offer together with some friends. We all downloaded the game, started playing and were then hit with a ton of issues. This lead me to the decision to pretty much leave the game alone until a patch came out to fix it so that I could properly enjoy the experience that I had been looking forward to for so long.

Problem is, that the patch has now taken over 3 months to arrive, so where is it and why are we all waiting so long?

The guys at Xbox360Fanboy seem to feel the same way and so they got ahold of Behemoth to try and get some sort of answer with regards to the progress of the patch. Behemoth were happy to respond and have said the following:

“We’re working with Microsoft to get the title update out as quickly as we can. Sadly, we can’t get into details about the certification process, but we’ve resolved the game’s issues with data loss and networking in addition to other bugs. We can’t really comment on the release yet as we’re not allowed to talk about it because of Microsoft, but the update’s release is definitely reaching the end of the process.

We’ve received great support from our fans on our forums in identifying issues. That feedback has helped out a lot and we’re really honored to have such an awesome group of fans in the community.”

Hopefully this means that the patch will be available in not too long (If we are lucky it will be before everyone goes on holiday) and we can all finally kick some ass online with our buddies.

Source: Xbox360Fanboy

Last Updated: December 2, 2008

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