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The Witcher 3 certainly feels like it’s still coming out in February. Just the other day CD Projekt RED revealed the game’s PC specs, and now we have a brand new trailer. It feels like the game should be out soon, but sadly we’ll have to wait until May to get our hands on it; which is plenty time to catch up on some lore, which this new trailer really helps with.

Who are the Witchers? Why is the world overcome with things that go bump in the night? Why can demonic beings ride horses on clouds? This latest story catch up trailers doesn’t really explain the events of the past two Witcher games, but it does introduce some of the more intricate lore in an easy to understand fashion. Take a look.

So now you know that Geralt is a monster hunter, and that not many people actually feel comfortable around his kind. We also know that there’s this force called The Wild Hunt who love to snatch children in the night, and they’re after Geralt now too. There is a ton more to the story than this obviously, which is beautifully fleshed out over the previous two games. And since there’s still a long time for any stragglers to still catch up, I won’t be spoiling anything here.

Still, I’m distraught that The Witcher III is still a few months away. It certainly feels like everything was ready for next month, but I hold nothing against CD Projekt RED for delaying the title to brush all the little bugs they can find under the rug.

Hopefully then, come May, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will enjoy a seamless, unbroken launch. Just for a change.

Last Updated: January 15, 2015

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