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Celebrate the evolution of the JRPG with Xenoblade Chronicles X’s launch trailer

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There is, in general, very little for Wii U owners to be excited about. Just about everything that was scheduled for release in the holiday period was moved in to the new year, with the only big first party Nintendo title being a Mario Tennis game. And not a good one, either.

Thankfully, there’s some reprieve for Wii U owners starving for something not just good, but great to play on their systems. And it comes tomorrow – in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles X. According to reviews thus far, it’s an amazing game, with outlets dispensing hyperbole left right and centre in favour of the Japanese RPG.

“I have enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles X so much that I am planning to start it all over again from the beginning, so I can really take my time with this absolutely gargantuan adventure, and I rarely feel that way about any game, let alone one I’ve been playing almost non-stop for a month,” say the chaps from God is a Geek. “This is an essential purchase for all Wii U owners who love the JRPG genre.“

The guys from Eurogamer were equally enthralled.

“Nevertheless, this is contemporary Japanese RPG-making at its boldest and most imaginative in years,” they say. “For every cliché – the helium-voiced furry mascot who totters along behind your group, the incongruous, schizophrenic rock-cum-rap soundtrack – there’s an invention that hauls the open-world JRPG into the present, and then another that shunts it breezily into the future. Perhaps the game’s greatest achievement is that, over the course of this journey, you settle into Mira and, in that mystical way of all video game greats, Mira settles into you.”

Gosh. That’s deep, man. Xenoblade Chronicles X is the sort of game to own a Wii U for; the sort that makes you stop and stare and loudly exclaim “Woah, is this really on the Wii U?” It’s out tomorrow, offering hundreds of hours of breath-taking gameplay. Here then is its launch trailer.

Last Updated: December 3, 2015

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