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Change your passwords – possible GTA password heist

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It’s that time again! You thought your password was safe, you thought you could rest easy with Passw0rd1 forever, but no, it’s time to initiate Pa55word2. That’s right, yet another gaming service may have been victim to a hack, and this might actually matter to you.

A report out of OverClock3D claims that Social Club accounts have been compromised with a list of 200 usernames and passwords appearing on pastebin. It hasn’t been confirmed by Rockstar, but obviously it’s always safest to just change your password, again.

Password security is such a pain. Like most people, I have a variety of passwords that I use on rotation. However, when remembering what the details are for specific things (Uplay, Steam, PSN, etc) it can get far too frustrating. I know that security is important and I don’t want these things to get hacked, but I’m so tired of changing my passwords to be more secure, and then forgetting which secure password is used where.

I read that passwords are actually less secure now that they have to be so much more complicated – people can’t remember them all so they store them in text documents on their phones or post-it notes around their offices. Remember the days when putting in a password could remind you of a childhood pet or your significant other? Now it’s just too easy to crack so you’ll only be reminded of nice things if your significant other came with a serial number.

How many passwords do you have on rotation? Do you modify the same basic one, or are they all totally unique?

Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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