Cheap games! Get your discounted games right here with these new PlayStation Store deals!

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Titanfall 2

Hey there! Yeah you! Do you have a hankering for video games whose price point can be compared to a combination of freshly born chicks that have been sliced into French fries and served hot on a plate? We call that cheep chips, weirdo. It’s also an apt description of some games that happen to be on sale right now, as the PlayStation store is having one of its regular discount sessions.

There’s some properly good savings, for properly good games, to be had. Here’s a whole bunch of the good ones, from the fine fellas that I’m tipping my fedora at currently. Thanks, Cheapgamer. I’ve listed a bunch of the cheapest ones below, but more in the original link if you think I have bad taste in games. Which is nonsense. I have bad taste in food, and yes that’s the smell of KFC Dunked Zinger Wings that are currently punching their way into your nostrils:

Hey, not bad! At least now I can finally get Geoff off of my back about playing Titanfall 2. That’s no joke by the way. He’s literally on my back right now, like some sort of Yoda who is currently breaking my spine with his badgering. Please send help.

Last Updated: March 6, 2019

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