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Check out all the loot Blizzard unveiled at San Diego Comic-con

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If you have an addiction to gaming merchandise, or an undying love for Blizzard, or even worse, both, I’d recommend you close this article right this second. Why? Well, Blizzard unveiled a bunch of awesome new loot this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s all looking to steal your money – EVERY SINGLE CENT! Don’t say you weren’t warned…

There’s something for everybody from every single Blizzard franchise – even Overwatch, which hasn’t even been officially released yet! Take a look, and make sure your wallet is well hidden (via PC Gamer):

If you’re not a fan of watching videos, fear not! I’ve gone ahead and grabbed an image of every single piece of gear on offer. It was totally for you – not so I could print them out and cuddle them at night or anything… er… YES PICTURES HERE THEY ARE:

Call me a sucker, but I would totally pay cash for that Hearthstone beach towel, even though it’s my least favourite Blizzard title. Oh and that Murloc backpack? I have a new-born niece who is definitely going to need a bag for school in a few years time. Yes, I think I’ll take two – one for her, one for me – AHEM yes one for sure!

Unfortunately, not everything shown here is freely available. Some loot was exclusive to Comic-Con, and sadly, beyond your reach unless you trawl through eBay to buy from people looking to make millions of dollars.

For everything else though, you can check out prices and place your order right here. I need to stay away. I must stay away. I must. I MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS!

Last Updated: July 13, 2015

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