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Check out more of Sunset Overdrive in action

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I have no idea if Sunset Overdrive will play as well as it looks, but hot damn, I likes what I sees so far. There’s just something so vibrant about the game, that reminds me that style can triumph over realism easily in the visual department.


In the video above, Insomniac Games CEO/creative director Ted Price and game director Marcus Smith, and game director Drew Murray speak about how they pitched the game originally. "We’ve learned over the years not to be afraid of failure,” Price says.

We fail all the time, whether it’s on a grand scale or a micro scale. But the key is never to stop trying different things, because then you stagnate and you don’t learn from your failures. And certainly on this project, we tried a lot of things that didn’t work.

That, and to not allow your new game franchise to be designed with focus group testing in mind, right other Insomniac game Fuse? One thing that I do rather dig, are the respawn animations in Sunset Overdrive. They’re a nice nod to the immortality of gaming, and the animations that come with them made me chuckle.

“We have these crazy, crazy death animations, where every time you die in the game, we surprise you by respawning you in a way we guarantee you that you haven’t seen in any other game,” Price said.

Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive for later this year. And it looks mighty fine with that entire style and substance system in play.

Last Updated: May 14, 2014

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