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Check out the enemies of Borderlands 2

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I loved the enemies in the first Borderlands game. After all, what other game out there ranks the lethality of the foes in front of you with titles such as Badass and Badmutha? And then you had all kinds of weird enemies to shoot ‘n loot, such as angry midgets, psychos and of course, skags. For the sequel, they’re all coming back. But they’re going to be joined by some new additions as well. Gentlefolks, say hello to one of them, the Varkid.

From the Borderlands Facebook page, comes a creature that will most definitely need bullets coated in Raid spray to kill. The Varkid don’t take too kindly to being shot, and the second you engage them, they’ll wrap themselves in a cocoon, and evolve into something nasty.


Then you’ve got the Stalkers, agile machines of pain and death. Also, they can turn invisible. Super happy fun times ahead!


What would happen if Goro from Mortal Kombat had sexual relations with a sultry Yeti? Most likely this abomination.


And of course, Borderlands wouldn’t be complete without robots of some sort. Specifically the kind that wants to murder your face off. “The idea of the Hyperion Constructor Bot started life as a piece of the Hyperion robot line puzzle”, said Gearbox concept designer Kevin Duc.



We had a want to not only have various robotic enemies, but also have an interesting way of spawning these enemies. The introduction of a destroyable, offensive, and movable spawner in the form of a mothership style robot leant itself to dynamic player decision making on the field. When a Constructor Bot shows up, you’ve got to make choices in what gets destroyed first. Do you kill the Loaders that are relentlessly attacking you, the Surveyors that heal their robot compatriots, or the Constructor Bot that introduces more and more enemies onto the field?

Borderlands 2 arrives September 21 on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Last Updated: August 29, 2012

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