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Check out the Wii-U’s new controller

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Some things are very obvious in hindsight and the fact that Nintendo has just revealed a standard controller for their upcoming Wii-U is such an obvious move I can’t believe no one really mentioned it before hand.

But in a pre-E3 screening Nintendo has revealed what it’s new look Wii U Pro controller looks like and thankfully they haven’t decided to go it alone but have rather looked at the current controllers in the market and completely copied the best one.


Yes it looks just like the Xbox 360 controller which in my opinion is head and shoulders above the current Nintendo gamepad and the PS3’s lightweight piece of plastic.

This is a good move by Nintendo to try and ensure they don’t alienate the mainstream developers and hardcore gamers but it could push more developers away from it’s unique gamepad idea.

I guess we’ll only find out their real plans during their official Nintendo event this week.

Oh and there is a new Mario coming, who saw that happening?

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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