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The Nintendo Switch Version 12.0.3 was released and then retracted after just a few hours

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The Nintendo Switch, much like every modern video game console, requires the occasional system update. It’s usually to fix small issues that most users don’t even realise are there but when a company rolls out an update only to retract it mere hours later? That’s weird. Nintendo recently launched the version 12.0.3 update for the Switch but it was only live for roughly four hours before it was pulled back. We only know the vaguest reason as to why this whole mess up happened and it seems rather strange. Yet I should remind all you folks that we are talking about Nintendo, a company that’s still unsure exactly of what an “internet” is.

It seems the update itself was rather unimpressive as it simply introduced system stability improvements. Yet based on a tweet from Nintendo, that was handily translated to English thanks to Nintendo Life, it seems that once the update was causing network connectivity issues in consoles. Beyond that, it also sounds like folks using a microSDXC card were running into trouble; if the card was being used for the first time, the Switch was just refusing to read it. It’s certainly a rather strange little event, even if it’s nothing serious.


It’s certainly historic for Nintendo, as this marks the first time the company has ever released an update only to snatch it away from user’s fingertips. The company has said that it’s looking into resolving the various issues brought forth by the update but has yet to provide any clear release window. Nintendo’s support page has said that it will be updated when there’s news to share on the update but it’s been more than a day now with nothing new posted. 

Last Updated: June 9, 2021

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