Click here for a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo South Africa is currently running a poll to see which of the local gaming sites (apparently there is more than 1?) has the biggest Nintendo following so that they can throw their bags of money at them*.

So to do our part we’re letting you know that you can easily win a Nintendo 3DS simply by clicking here, selecting the top poll and choosing Lazygamer. None of the other options work I promise.

And that’s all it takes, obviously you can only vote once per Facebook account and while we don’t promote the idea of creating 10 000 fake accounts to ensure victory.. actually no scratch that we promote that idea entirely. At least get your parents/siblings to vote as well.

So far we’re losing the poll which isn’t awesome so let’s see if we can turn that around and ensure a Lazygamer reader walks away with the grand prize

Again, to enter click here

*Apparently the bags of money is a lie, however the 3DS isn’t so go wild.

Last Updated: November 29, 2011

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