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Click – Reviewed + Competition – Blu Ray

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Starring: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, Sean Astin

Directed by: Frank Coraci

Click - Reviewed + Competition - Blu Ray 5

Once again we enter into another Blu-Ray review this week, and I have to apologise for not having one up sooner, but I’ve had a few technical glitches my side with my Laptops HDD, which decided to crash on me, and zero data has been recovered so far.

This week’s review centres on Click, a comedy/moral lesson set in the world of Michael Newman, a guy who is a bit of a workaholic, and goes to the shop one day to replace a broken remote Control. He ends up meeting the mysterious Morty, who shows him a special remote, and tells Michael that it’s for sale. He ends up buying it, and realises that this little puppy has a lot more to it than just controlling the TV.

Click - Reviewed + Competition - Blu Ray 6The remote has the ability to control everything in Michael’s life, from his barking dog to the very fabric of time itself. Cue all the usual shenanigans that would go around this, and the usual Sandler humour ensuing, and he manages to try and control his life and bring everything in his world into a controlled space.

The movie starts in typical comedy style, and if you are fan of Adam Sandler, the usual can be expected here. What did take me by surprise was the way the movie got darker and darker throughout, and characters you thought you knew, turn out completely different. It also moves the comedy into a serious dramatic moral story towards the end, and I actually found it quite refreshing how the two genres can actually co-exist.

I quite enjoyed the story, and found it rather satisfying overall.


Being one of the first discs to come on a full Dual Layer BD format disc, this movie was expected to be a bit of a showcase for the BD format, believe it or not. The master source of the disc was also filmed entirely in HD digital format, and had no “Film” to speak of. The 1.85:1, 1080p/MPEG-2 transfer comes across particularly well, with colours being dynamic, and all the monotones looking particularly good.

This transfer is also particularly better quality than the DVD version of the film, and watching the two next to each other shows just how different these two formats can look from each other, and just how well BD discs can look in full Hi-Def, especially when they have been specifically recorded for the medium.


Click - Reviewed + Competition - Blu Ray 7Once again, as in most BD transfers, the sound is fantastic. It starts of in a subtle manner, and seems to get better as the movie progresses. I am really starting to get used to these uncompressed soundtracks, and it’s actually one on the drivers why I buy BD over DVD.  


Now here is something that caught me by surprise, probably because I did not read the box carefully enough, is that although the extras are not exclusive to the BD version, they are all presented in HD. This is also a first, as many discs present the extra’s in SD, so this was a nice extra within the extras. The usual plethora of extra’s are included, featurettes, directors commentary, deleted scenes and a few Easter Eggs, so be on the lookout.


Click - Reviewed + Competition - Blu Ray 8I enjoyed this BD immensely, and it was one of the first I would have no doubt in saying buy this over the DVD version, as it’s designed for the format, and just looks so much better.

Competition time!!!

What is the name of Christopher Walken’s character in the movie, just his first name? Send all answers to [email protected] . The winner will receive a copy of Click on Blu Ray. Entries close on Thursday 19th June 2008, and draw will take place on 20th June 2008.

Last Updated: June 17, 2008

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