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Cliff Bleszinski takes offense to bad Gears of War story – destroys our website

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Yesterday Karl posted up a pretty innocuous article about the lack of Gears of War campaign that was playable at the recent Eurogamer expo.

According to a report on the Electronic Theatre website a Microsoft employee at the expo had stated that the campaign was currently too buggy to showcase and that is what it was only Beast mode that was meant to be played in public.

It was your typical news/rumour article, that is until Cliff Bleszinski saw it and decided to tweet the following


Which then caused pretty much all of his 39 824 followers to click on the link and sink us for about 20 minutes.

Apparently Cliff doesn’t think his campaign is buggy and someone over at Microsoft is about to receive a swift kick to the balls.

But this story has a happy and sad side to it, on the happy side Cliff Bleszinski has been reading the site which is pretty exciting seeing that I am a self confessed Gears fanboy and while Cliff may be a little unique he is still one of the most respected game developers out there at the moment.

On the sad side the number of people who tried to use this little episode to get themselves on Cliff’s radar is pretty depressing… Here are a few of the tweets that I saw go past happily insulting us for doing nothing wrong merely to get on Cliff’s good side.

GearsTweet3 GearsTweet1 GearsTweet2

I dropped Epic Games an email explaining our side of the story and to their credit they responded really quickly with Cliff stating that he was

“not too thrilled that someone representing our game would say something so incorrect and silly. The guys are working really hard on the game here and stories like that bum them out. Especially when the campaign is fantastic.”

You can understand their frustration that some random exhibition worker has managed to spread dodgy news about their game and I guess whether the campaign is buggy or not is still up for debate and to be honest I can’t see how it isn’t since we are still 6 months away from it’s original go live date and now 12 months away from the new one.

But in saying that the general consensus from everyone who has played the Gears 3 preview is that the game is coming along exceptionally well and with 12 months to go I am expecting great things from the campaign and multiplayer aspects of the title.

I’d like to say thanks to Cliff Bleszinski for the exciting morning though, it’s been different and to the entire Epic group who while weren’t ecstatic by our post were incredibly professional and prompt with their responses. It’s been a pleasure dealing with them at 5am in the morning.

Last Updated: October 7, 2010

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