Cliff Bleszinski (The game designer formerly knows as Cliffy B) Gears of War 2 Interview

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Gamepro has released a pretty in depth interview with Epic’s lead designer Cliff Bleszwhatshisname.

He discusses many different aspects of the game, from multiplayer to development decisions. Some people won’t be happy to hear that chainsaw battles will be automatically activated if the victim is holding a lancer. They do however seem to have found a way to fix host advantage, I’m all for that.

Cliff Bleszanzibar also makes many references to weapons that are yet to be announced, so we can expect a whole bunch of new weapons to be announced and shown, probably at E3.

When asked about the possibilities of 3 or 4 player co-op, Cliff Blesbok responds with the usual story, saying “We haven’t announced our co-op plans yet.” Which is code for “ummm, yes of course or everyone will be seriously let down”. I really hope that we aren’t let down.

Check out the interview, you can read the whole article by clicking the link below.

source: Gamepro Interview

Last Updated: June 20, 2008

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