Cliffy B hates the DualShock (And so do I)

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Speaking on Bitmob’s Mobcast, the outspoken, self-proclaimed rock-star developer Cliffy B – Clifford Bleszinski to his mum – professed his extreme dislike for Sony’s barely-changed-in-three-generations DualShock controller.

“I hate the DualShock,” he said, not mincing words.

“For my PS3, I got those little click-on things for the triggers, which is (sic) great. If you look at concave vs. convex for a thumbstick, your thumbstick should bow inward not outward so your thumbs can actually hook into there and kind of move along as opposed to being more like a mushroom top. And the DualShock also feels, to me, I can twist it in half like it’s a third party type controller. I have my number of issues with it and even, fundamentally, the PlayStation branding when they named the buttons square, triangle, it’s like putting Kanji on the f*cking thing.”

He assures he’s not an Xbox fanboy though;

“People like to think I’m all up Microsoft’s ass…Bulletstorm is out on PlayStation. It’s in our best interest, as a studio, to have our technology on PlayStation. I love picking up “Scott Pilgrim” on Bluray and watching it. God of War is fantastic, I’m thoroughly looking forward to Uncharted but there’s just little things that, as a creative, just bug the sh*t out of me and they bubble up on the top of N4G and I feed on the tears of fanboys.”

In many ways, I agree with him. I love my PS3, but that damned controller needs a real update, especially with regards to its slippery triggers. I have those same trigger add-ons, and they make a world of difference to the general feel of the controller. Our own Nick reviewed them last year, and shares my sentiment. I also find the staggered analogue thumb-stick layout of the 360 controller infinitely more comfortable and intuitive. no accusations of Xbox fanboyism though, I’ve hated the DualShock since I first held it to play Ape Escape on the PS1. I don’t think there’s any reason to moan about the iconic buttons though; that’s just silly.

What do you think? Does the Dualshock feel as if it was lovingly crafted from angel’s tears for your hands alone; or is it an unwieldy, hand-cramp inducing mess?

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Last Updated: March 24, 2011

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