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 Cliffy B… Before he arrived on the scene the majority of gamers couldn’t even name a  single developer. Not only is he responsible for one of the best games ever made but he has turned being a geeky dude behind a pc into something cool.

At GDC this year he has revealed some of the finer details of game developing and explains how they came about with the “Look at cool sh*t button” for GOW. Basically a lead developer came in and said why don’t we use the Y button to automatically look at cool sh*t… Genius 🙂

Other little bits of info. The “roadie run” increases speed by 20% only. The rest is trick cameras.

The Locusts where originally called Geist but Nintendo said no.

The best though is that GOW was originally called “Unreal Warfare” which then became the Onslaught option in Unreal 2004 before GOW was alowed into it’s own franchise…

Source: Cliffy B reveals the secrets of the universe – Joystiq

Last Updated: March 9, 2007

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