Closer Look: Guns of the Patriots Limited Edition

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Box contents

For those interested in a closer look at the contents of the Limited Edition of Guns of the Patriots – already placed under the microscope once before by Nick – I thought you may find it interesting to have a close up look of the contents, as well as a rundown of the material included on the Blu-ray disc.


(Credit for the above pics go to Nick)

First off, sorry for the flash reflection. The available lighting was poor, so I had to make do with what I could put together. Click on the picture for the full size view.

Guns of the Patriots - Limited Edition content

In addition to the game, and the surprisingly posable Old Snake figurine, the Blu-ray disc contains the following:

  • Hideo Kojima’s Gene
  • The Making of Metal Gear Solid 4
  • The Opening Cinematics

I haven’t watched any of the materials on the disc, since it comes along with an absolutely HUGE warning that reads:

This Blu-ray disc contains several spoilers from the game. It is highly recommended that you complete the game first before watching the disc.

The soundtrack disc contains 16 tracks. I’ve had a quick listen-through, and if you’ve enjoyed the previous soundtracks by Harry Gregson Williams, you’ll definitely like this one too.

There’s apparently a very limited stock of these editions in the country, so I’m unsure if any will be freely available to buy – I suspect most are already assigned to pre-order customers. However, if you do manage to find an unclaimed one, the contents definitely scream ‘class.’

Last Updated: June 13, 2008


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