"COD: World at War" – Four Player Co-op Confirmed

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Ok, my interest in this game just spiked significantly.

Eurogamer has reported that it has been confirmed by Activision that we will be seeing a 4 player cooperative campaign in “Codwaw”.

I am a huge fan of co-op gaming, although we all love blowing our friends’ heads away, there is a different kind of fun that comes out of teaming up and taking on the world.

According to the article, the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions will all have this feature as well as the ability to play split-screen while the Wii version will have its own “unique” two-player co-op mode.

I am glad that there are some developers that still include split-screen gaming, it’s especially handy if you aren’t connected to the net and want to play some multiplayer with a friend. Just like my belief with bots in games, these types of features really do still have a place in the world. You might not use the features for the most part, but when the time comes that you do want to use them, they are well appreciated.

A lot of flak is being given to Treyarch because they aren’t keeping up with Infinity Ward, tough shoes to fill, but I am still going to keep my fingers crossed in the hope that they pump out a good game this year.

source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: June 24, 2008

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