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Code Vein dials the existential dread up to 11 in new gameplay trailer

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Code Vein gets a new gameplay trailer

There’s an overbearing sense of mystery that comes with a Dark Souls game. Its narrative is suppressed to the point of nearly not existing for those who don’t seek it out, hiding its lore and characters behind vague message and descriptions. Code vein might be using Dark Souls as an inspiration for its combat, but it’s not trying to do the same with its story. There’s probably more narrative exposition below than in the entirety of a Souls game, but at least the premise has a lot going for it.

In Code Vein you play as a starving Revenant – one of many vampires in the world of Vein, seeking Blood Beads to simply stay alive. It seems that only a finite number of them still exist around the world, making the drought of blood for a species of vampires particularly uncomfortable. But somewhere lies a solution to this problem and all the one-liners in the world are only going to help you get closer to revealing that truth.

That, and some careful combat that certainly looks like the biggest draw of the game so far.

Code Vein wants to deliver the same sort of slower, thinking combat that From Software made so popular with their RPGs, and for the most part the gameplay above looks really solid. There’s big nasty beast you’ll encounter that just can’t wait to through you around, and a myriad of abilities and strategies you can employ to take them down. Its aesthetic is neat too. The anime look to characters blends well with the hyper stylised armour the bear. Even if the world around them can look a little drab in comparison.

Code Vein warrants a closer look though, even if its story seems rather campy already. It’s out sometime in 2018.

Last Updated: September 26, 2017

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