Codemasters Inflating Sales Figures for DiRT?

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Oh no, it looks like the shipped/sold bug is catchy…

Codemasters the guys who made DiRT originally claimed that they sold 500 000 units in it’s release week… However after a bit of research it seems that VG Chartz president Brett Walton has revealed that they actually shipped 500 000 units and sold 260 000.

Now 260 000 is a respectable figure but after lying initially it now looks paltry.

The PS3 version is yet to be released however so all they need now is for that version to sell 240 000 in it’s first week and then they haven’t lied exactly. Not sure what the chances of that are though.

Link to Codemasters Inflating Sales Figures for DiRT? – Gameworld Network news story

Last Updated: June 29, 2007

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