Collectibles Corner – Groot,Rocket and why so serious?

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Look at your empty shelf. See all that dust? That ain’t collectible! And what’s this nonsense that I hear about wanting to save money and put away for things like food, insurance and medical assistance? Balls to that! I say blow your money! Live dangerously! Live flashy! Buy pieces of sculpted plastic with your hard-earned bucks!

And to help you on that quest, here’s a look at the Hot Toys of right now. First up The Guardians Of The Galaxy land tomorrow night, and if you want a slice of that action, then you can buy your very own little Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Fun fact: Gavin thinks that Rocket is annoying, and that Groot is awesome. That makes him half-right, half-completely wrong. I intend to prove my point by throwing actual raccoons at him.

Next up, let’s put a little smile on that face! If you’ve ever wondered just how the Joker got those scars on his face, then here’s your chance to ask him. Just don’t expect a reply from mini-Joker, as he’ll most likely end up burning half your face off in a meticulously organised plot to prove the point of chaos.

And that’s the Collectibles Corner for this week! Check back next Wednesday, when I help drive you even further into bankruptcy.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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